How to create USB Bootable using Rufus

Usually, many computers or laptops that is used every day will feel heavy. It happens may be because some virus, trojan, mallware on computers or laptops. And many applications are installed or uninstalled, so it will be effect to registry system. So, computers or laptops will feel heavy.

It is a common problems, it problem can be fix using some tools, for example Tune Up Utility. Usually this problems occurs in Windows OS (Operating System). Sometimes, the problem is so complex that the best way to solve it is to reinstall OS.
The method to Reinstall OS is using CD/DVD are integrated OS. This is can't to use in computers or laptops are haven't CD/DVD ROM or CD/DVD ROM is broken. So, USB Flashdisk is a smart solution

Now, I will share how to create USB for Bootable. First, we must prepare :
  • ISO file OS (Operating System), The Source OS in ISO file. 
  • USB Flashdisk minimum of storage is 4 GB. Its a safe zone. The important is the size storage if Flashdisk largher than size of ISO file.
  • Rufus, it is a USB Bootable tools. You can download in Here.
Okay, if we having all it, Let's we do this Step by Step to create USB Bootable . Don't forget broo... This bootable tools are running on Windows OS, so you must use Windows XP or higher.

1. After you downloading Rufus. Plug your USB Flashdisk, and than run the rufus. Below is view of Rufus. Than, select your USB device. 
2. Check "Quick Format". I'm suggest that. Before you do it, will be better if you backup all your data.
3. Click "Start". And than formatting process is begins.
4. Check "Create a bootable disk using". Look at below.

5. Click image it, it use to browse where is your ISO File.
6. Than Click "Start". It is a process to initialization of ISO File.
7. This is a indicator if the ISO  File is good. Look at below.

8. And than click "Start". It a process of Copying ISO file to USB Flashdisk and it takes a few minutes.
9. Finish. If the indicator showing "DONE". Look at below. So, your USB Bootable is successfull

Download rufus in Here.
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