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paperforshare.blogspot.com [Paper 4share] is a blog that contains article and tips and trick on computer world about engineering informatic, programing, informatic news, windows, and linux. We created this blog aims to sharing many more information on computer world to all internet users. This blog also sharing a some tools to be used to internet users and others.

In this blog we are also provide debriefing sessions to visitor about an article. The provide comments application a visitor to use ask. Hopefully the content we are provide can be useful for all.

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The author of this blog is Aji Prastiya. He is an one of student in Joint Program Vocational Education Development Center Malang. He is stay at Sidoarjo, a small city in East Java, he is an Indonesian. His passions is about internet marketing, so he create and provide many article in this blog.

If you want to contact him, please add his Facebook in Aji Prastiya or follow his Twitter at areg_noid.

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