Facebook Releasing Username for Business Page

Facebook Releasing Username for Business Page
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Facebook Releasing Username for Business Page - Simplest username can help customers to find a business in social media, including Facebook. In a short time, Facebook will release username with “@” symbol in front of it. This kind of username use by Facebook is similar to Line@ username, a business application made by Line Corporation. Therefore, if you have “Coffee and Tea” business, then you may have “@coffeeandtea” username. Remember that every username is unique so business owner have to explain and introduce their business in a better, unique way.

This username helps business owner to communicate better with customers. Using Messenger Links, users can start chatting with business easier and faster. Messenger links using business’ username in a short link, for example "m.me/username".

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If you already have Vanity Link for your Facebook Page, you don’t have to worry by the change that is planned to launch mid-2016.  Your vanity link will be the same with your username!. Very awesome features from Facebook.

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