Printing Text C++ Using COUT Syntax [Basic Lesson]

Basic Lesson on C++ language. If you don't know what is C++ Laguange, you can visit here.
First you must know many syntax on C++ Language. Know writter will share how to printing text on C++. Using cout syntax we will use it.

Below is the first lesson on C++ Language. We will try to printing text bassed C++ script.

#include<iostream>    /* preproccessor with including C++ Library */
#include<stdlib.h> /* preproccessor with including standar library */

using namespace std;

int main()
        cout<<"Hello world, I'm study C++ Language with Paper 4Share";
Okay, that script you can give name a myprogram.cpp.
Below the explain of Script :
The int main() syntax is the main program, and than program content is between syntax { and }.
The cout<""; syntax is the syntax to printing text, the text placed between "" (quote). 
And don't worry, the and of script you must give ; .
The endl and \n systax is to use to move the line. 

To compile that script, you can use Dev C++ Protable. You can get in here

The output of that script is below

It's tested on Windows OS.
Happy Paper 4Share !!