C++ Data Type

C++ Data Type - In learning a Programming Language (C++ Programming) you must knowing what is Data Type. The Data Type is use to save a value in memory. Data type also affects what will processed by the processor.

Here the writter will describe the C++ Data Type. The data type on C++ Programming provides five of type data are :

  • Integer, for numeric values rounded.
  • Float, for fractional numeric values.
  • Double, for fractional numeric values with a longer span
  • Char, for character values.

Below is detail for C++ Data Type :
  • char, size 1 byte, range -128 up to 127.
  • int, size 2 bytes, range -32.768 up to 32.767.
  • float, size 4 bytes, range -3.4E-38 up to 3.4E+38.
  • double, size 8 bytes, range 1.7E-308 up to 1.7E+308.
  • long double, size 10 bytes, range 3.4E-4832 up to 1.1E+4932
  • void, size 0.
That is a data type in C++ Programming.

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