C++ Input

C++ Input - The last lesson, wriiter has sharing how to Printing Text C++ Using COUT Syntax [Basic Lesson]. And than now wriiter will explain the concept of C++ Input. Before explaining concept, you must have kwonlagde about Data Type in C Programming.

Basic concept of C++Input is :

  1. User inserting a value
  2. The value will saved in variable
Know you can analize the concept. Below is the example of input and output a value.

using namespace std;
int main()
       int a;
       cout<<"Insert Your Age : ";
       cout<<"Your Age is "<<a;
After compiled and run. The print out of it is at below

Below the explain of syntax :
cin>>a is use to inserting a value form keyboard to the variable.
For other syntax, you can read in Printing Text C++ Using COUT Syntax [Basic Lesson] article.

Its a simple example of C++ Input. For other example, you can download here.

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