[Microsoft] Microsoft Stopping Nokia X

Nokia Stopping Nokia X - Microsoft planning to cancel production Nokia android based, where we know as Nokia X. This news come with the publication from Microsoft who will Severance of Work Relations (SWR) 18.000 the employees on next year. Stephen Elop, as the boss in charge from email him says "exept the portofolio on the plan, we are planing to give an other Lumia device cheaper by replacing the future of Nokia X and the products with Windows Phone". However, Elop say that Microsoft will keep saling and supporting the product of Nokia X which had already produced.

yes it true, The existence of  Nokia X and family make many fans of Windows Phone shocked, why Nokia make the device Android based, it as rather on Windows Phone. This information from Elop of course automatically closes the rumors from @evleaks who said that will there a Lumia Android based.

But, this information keep be shock (or be fun?), because not recently Microsoft introduced the next generation Nokia X with Nokia X2, and if you still remember, we ever a question about the future of Nokia X to Stephen Elop, and he answar will continue the line from Nokia X. This change shows that Microsoft will focus more on the future of Windows Phone mobile which is currently having a pretty good hike. So, Microsoft will be focus on Windows Phone, and it is a good news for us.