How to Verify a Website or Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

How to Verify a Website or Blog to Google Webmaster Tools - After you are submitting an article to your blog or website, now you must verifiy your website or blog to search engine. Maybe the search engine is google. This way will increase a SEO of your website or your blog. By verifying the blog to Google Webmaster Tools with a method saving a tag HTML on template will further clarify the validity of the ownership of the blog.

First, visit this link Change the color of blue with your URL Blog or your domain of website. If you are instructed to login, follow and login. If your blog are nothing on the list, you can add site. And then click "kelola situs" (on Indonesia Language) or "manage site".
After you are click "manage site", that will showing some option. For verify your site, then click like here to step of verify. If you are using english, that is "add or delete users". Look at below for more explain.

Than, you will go to more page, that page like below. And than click like here "manage owner site". Follow this step like picture below.
Okay, after you are click "manage owner site" you will look a page like below. On this page you must click "verification with different method". very very like below.
And than, will look a some option for verification method. And if you are want to easy verification, please select "Tag HTML". what is that?? that is a verification method using tag HTML, so on your site must having that tag for successfull of verification site on google.
Now you get a meta tag google verification, add that meta tag to your blog or website. If you are using Blogger, Login to your blogger => enter on dashbor blogger => select template => click Edit HTML. copy and paste that meta tag google verification on under tag <head> . Than save template. Okay you can click a Verification Button like here
Okay, finish. I hope this article are usefull for you. Thanks for your visit.
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