How to activate / enable curl in XAMPP

How to activate / enable curl in XAMPP - CURL is the function in PHP (Programmable HyperText Processor). Now on this article we will explain step by step  how to active curl function in XAMPP.

Below is the step for active curl in XAMPP :
  1. Open the directory of "php" where XAMPP installed. Example : C:\xampp\php
  2. Search for file of php.ini and than open using text editor like notepad or sublime
  3. Search the line of ;extension=php_curl.dll
  4. And than remove the tag of ; in front of line ;extension=php_curl.dll so in that line look like extension=php_curl.dll
  5. Save that file (php.ini)
  6. Restart your apache service. It is a stoping and than starting again.
For knowing is the function of CURL is active, you can check using create a file info.php. Save in your htdocs directory (Ex : C:\xampp\htdocs\ ). write a script in info.php, using this script.
After it, access that script using your browser so like this http://localhost/info.php. Find the curl section, and if the function of PHP CURL is active in XAMPP, So you will look like this.
How to activate / enable curl in XAMPP

Happy coding :)
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