Axel, Download Manager for Linux Ubuntu

Axel, Download Manager for Linux Ubuntu - Axel ? what is that? :D axel is Download Manager for Linux. The axel running in terminal. It is like wget command in your terminal. If in Windows Operating System, you will meet many download manager tools, it is like IDM (Internet Download Manager), Free Download Manager, FlashGet, and etc.

Axel, Download Manager for Linux Ubuntu

Now, Paper 4Share will give some information about axel  as Download Manager for Linux Ubuntu or Debian Family. In the default Linux Operating System, we can download files using HTTP protocol using wget command. The following is an example for wget command.
Its also if you are use axel for download manager. You must open your terminal and than typing commands for starting download. But, in the default Ubuntu Operating System, the axel package is not available. So, you must download it first.

How to Install Axel Download Manager

  1. Open your terminal.
  2. Update your repository using this command.
    sudo apt-get update
  3.  Than download and install that package.
    sudo apt-get install axel
  4. Finish
Okay, you can check the axel package has been installed on your linux or not. Check using command below:
dpkg --get-selections | grep axel
If you are look a axel in  that result of command, so your axel is already can be used.

How to Use Axel Download Manager

Like wget command, the axel running in terminal. The following are examples for downloading files using axel.

Download files with max speed of bit rates set to 102,400 bytes/sec (100Kb/s)
axel -s 102400
Download files with max number of connections set to 5
axel -n 5

I think it is enough, if you are need more options for axel download manager, you can run this command for more information.
axel --help
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Paper 4Share - Axel, Download Manager for Linux Ubuntu