How to Add User on Linux Ubuntu Server

How to Add User on Ubuntu Server

Add User on Ubuntu Server - Now we will explain how to add user on ubuntu server. Why we choose this topic, because there are many linux user dont know or maybe forget the command for adding user on ubuntu server.

From some our references, there is 2 command to use adding user on ubuntu server, that is adduser and useradd. Why there is 2 command? Actually we don't know too :D, but we are still trying to share our knowladge.

Command: adduser

Via command line interface, below you can add a user using this command.
adduser <username>
after you are run that command, for example your command like this adduser paperforshare . With automatically you will looking proccess adduser command are working, and than you must type the password that user. The next proccess you can insert some information for example Full Name, Room Number, etc. You can press Enter for default setup.

Command: useradd

Not much diffent, we are using useradd command if adduser command can't ora not found in the ubuntu server system. So the useradd command is like this
useradd <username>
For example, we will create user with the name paperforshare . So, the command is useradd paperforshare. When this command is saying "command not found", you can trying to use this command.
/usr/sbin/useradd <username>
If you are using that command, that user are don't have a password, so run this command for set the password for user.
passwd <username>
So, you also can run the command for add user with custom the directory.. For example, we will create user with a name paperforshare, and the directory on /home/nicepaperforshare, and don't worry to set the password for security. Look this command
useradd -d /home/nicepaperforshare -m paperforshare
passwd paperforshare
 Okay, that is command for add a new user on ubuntu server . And don't forget to be a root user before you create a new user, because just a root privilege who can create a new users.

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