Did You Know ?? Run Linux Kernel On Canon DSLR Camera

Did You Know ?? Run Linux Kernel On Canon DSLR Camera - In the 2015, wheter there who don't know about Linux? :D  just kidding bro. Linux kernel is the kernel awesome, he can running in any where and every where.

Hahaha :D too amazing about linux. Not limited by computer or mini computer, Linux can life. Other linux users already experiment with run linux on device game console, for example it is a Play Station 3 or Nittendo Wii.

Now, is possible linux run on DSLR Camera? the answer is very possible. Special thanks to the developer on Magic Lentern. the team of sleuths and hackers behind this achievement, already made some progress in digging into Canon's EOS line of DSLR cameras, getting access to information about the hardware as well as to some of the very low-level hardware resources of the camera. This includes being able to display things on the monitor, access to SD card, and more. The next big step would be to try running a different operating system on the camera, and for that purpose, Linux is the perfect choice.

On the last work, the team of Magic Lentern has created a masterpiece  that sounds is really good and interesting. They are has managed to porting linux kernel to Canon DSLR Cameras.

Below the Proof Of Concept (POC) about Porting Linux Kernel to Canon DSLR Cameras

Quotes by thehackernews.com :
At the time, the team could do the following tasks:
  • Allocate all available RAM to Linux
  • Print debug messages directly on the camera screen
  • Set up timer interrupts for scheduling
  • Mounts am 8 MiB ext2fs initial ramdisk
  • Starts /bin/init from initrd.
And than the team research to build a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and not possible a utilities for the next generation of cameras.

So, if you are excited to try this research to your camera, you can download the autoexec.bin or the source code here.

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